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It's a cruel world out there for the small business owner. And we can relate because we're entrepreneurs, just like you. We work with business owners throughout their companies' life cycles, helping them overcome the obstacles blocking effective compliance. And we provide the kind of thought leadership and guidance that will inspire and encourage their continued success, no matter the odds.

We got into this business because helping entrepreneurs is our passion. And we strongly believe in the power of private enterprise.

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Wilmington, Delaware, in 1899, a young attorney named Christopher Ward had a big idea: create a firm that would make it easier for businesses to form corporations. Around the same time, another Delaware attorney named Josiah Marvel, had the very same idea.

After two decades in business, Ward and Marvel joined forces to create the first company solely dedicated to the business of being in business. At the time, it was called Corporation Service Company® (CSC®).

From Corporation Service Company to The Company Corporation® to incorporate.com, we may have changed our look but we still have more than a century's worth of experience in our business. To date, we've helped form more than 750,000 corporations or LLCs, and we've provided services to those companies that have improved their business compliance along every arduous step.

Simply put, we know what you're going through. Many of our team members ran their own companies before joining us. So when we say, "we've been there," we actually mean it. Our employees care for your orders as if they were their own, because, yeah, they've been there. And together, we've been there before more than 750,000 times.

We know that our success grows from your success, so we strive to fulfill your business needs with enthusiasm, speed, and absolute professionalism. We won't treat you like Joe Schmoe. We'll listen to you like a business partner.

Welcome to an entire corporation full of people who love corporations more than anything in the world–a mighty team of credible, approachable folks just like you who are forever dedicated to helping you do it right and do it better.

incorporate.com provides a range of services that are appropriate to every state of the small business life cycle.

  • We help companies incorporate and form limited liability companies (LLCs) and many other entity types. Our formation services are available in every U.S. state as well as the District of Columbia.
  • We serve as a registered agent for thousands of U.S. businesses, making sure that our customers receive their legal and business critical documents quickly and securely.
  • We help businesses apply for tax information, including IRS-required Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) and, for nonprofit companies, 501(c) status.
  • We help new entities with their bylaws and operating agreements, reserve their unique company names, and register to do business in other states.
  • We help companies meet their ongoing compliance requirements, including annual report preparation, filing and research to find out what business licenses are needed in the form of a Business License Compliance Package.

CSCNavigator®, our exclusive online tool (free to our registered agent customers), provides you with alerts when filings are due, a calendar of required filings, order status and related documents, the ability to view and pay invoices, current business standing with the state, and more.

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