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EARN by Partnering with The Company Corporation

News for Affiliates

Each month, affiliates refer hundreds of small business owners to The Company Corporation. Affiliates earn commissions for each completed sale. The Company Corporation's affiliate program is a community of thousands of individuals and organizations that helps market our services.

Keep up to date with the latest news about our affiliate program. From the newest banners to payout updates, get the information you need to better manage your business and improve your commissions.

New Banners Added

Log into the affiliate site to download our latest banners. Download industry specific banners to help attract new customers. Does your site market to construction workers? How about real estate professionals? Get the banners geared towards individuals in those industries. The right banner can help your conversions and increase sales commissions.

Include an E-mail Signature

Do you send e-mail marketing messages to your customers? Weekly or monthly e-mail messages turn into revenue generating tools when you include an e-mail signature with your affiliate link. The next time you send an e-mail, consider placing a link after your name promoting incorporating or forming an LLC.

Provide Your Code to Your Customers

Professional speakers who present to audiences know to provide their code at the end of their presentations. Why? Providing your affiliate code when promoting incorporation services and asset protection strategies allows the audience member to use the code when placing an order over the phone. Maximize your earning potential as an affiliate today. Provide your affiliate code to your customers to use when placing orders through our call center.

Do you have a demonstrated best practice or want to share some news? Contact the Affiliate Manager today.

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