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Annual Report Preparation and File

The painless way to maintain your company's good standing.

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Preparing and filing annual reports for your company demands time, diligence and expense. Deadlines and filing requirements vary from state to state, and with annual reminders becoming a less-common courtesy, it's easy to be left in the dark about when your annual reports are due. Save time and reduce your chances of filing mishaps by outsourcing your annual report needs to The Company Corporation.

With The Company Corporation's Annual Report Prep & Filing services we'll:

  • Conduct an initial audit to ensure you are in good standing
  • Track filing deadlines for your annual reports
  • Prepare annual reports on your behalf and file the completed documents
  • Update your company information in the Compliance Watch platform

With your service, we will provide you with monitoring of your upcoming due dates as well as assistance with filing your annual report(s). The services are an annual subscription. When your Annual Report is due, our Annual Report specialists will charge your credit card that we have on file, and prepare and submit all of your annual report paperwork to the offices of the Secretary of State. If you ever need to update your company information that we have on file, you can simply call your specialist, or update your information in Compliance Watch.

The Company Corporation's Annual Report Preparation and Filing services will allow you to:

  • Eliminate unreliable tracking methods
  • Reduce the risk of missed filings and loss of good standing
  • Avoid the cost of reinstatement fees, penalties and interest, and even the expense of cutting and mailing checks.

By letting The Company Corporation take care of your day-to-day annual report needs, you'll have time to focus on other, more ambitious business goals.

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Find out more about annual reports in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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