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All of these businesses incorporated in Delaware.

Delaware's flexible corporate laws and business-friendly government have made it one of the best states in which to form a business. Many of America's largest companies have chosen this tiny state as their legal home.


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Top 10 reasons to incorporate in Delaware

  1. Delaware is the leader for corporate law worldwide.
  2. Delaware's Division of Corporations provides world-class service.
  3. More than one million business entities call Delaware their legal home.
  4. More than half the Fortune 500® companies are incorporated here.
  5. Delaware has the nation's most advanced and flexible business entity laws.
  6. There are no residency or citizenship requirements when forming in Delaware.
  7. Delaware charges no business income or property tax, even if the business operates outside of the state.
  8. Delaware companies can access the state's award-winning courts to resolve disputes.
  9. Venture capital investors usually require Delaware incorporation.
  10. A Delaware corporate entity is ideal for businesses that plan to expand or move to a different state.

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