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Services to start and grow your small business.

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501c Non-Profit Status

501(c) is a tax law provision granting exemption from the federal income tax to non-profit organizations.

Annual Report Filing

Save time, cut expenses and protect your company's good standing with Annual Report Preparation & Filing services from The Company Corporation.

Bank Account Resolutions (Written Consents)

Corporations and LLCs can authorize one or more designees to open and manage the company's bank accounts. We can offer a written resolution that customers can provide to their banks and store with their company records.  You simply provide us with the names of the authorized signers.

Business Licenses & Permits

Don't ignore the important business license, permit, and tax registration requirements for your business. Our Business License Compliance Package helps you identify the applications for your location and industry.

Business Tax Consultations

Our Business Tax Consultation Service puts you in touch with an experienced Accountant, who can help you determine what tax and formation strategy is best for achieving your business goals. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a CPA and get the answers you need.

Bylaws & Operating Agreements

Get help creating the internal documents that govern your business. The Company Corporation offers corporate bylaws in numerous states, or an LLC operating agreement in any state.

Certificate of Good Standing

Verify your company's status with the Secretary of State today by ordering this certificate. Banks, lenders, and investors often request these certificates as proof of good standing.

Certified Copies

Need a copy of documents your company has filed with the Secretary of State? We can help you order a copy of any document on file, certified with the Secretary of State's seal or signature.

Closing a Business (Dissolution)

If you need to close your business, state governments require additional filings and fees. We can help you with the dissolution process.

Company Management & Ownership Changes (Written Consents)

Corporations and LLCs can update their internal records by creating resolutions (called written consents). We provide several different types of written consents for your company including changes to directors, members, and managers.

Compliance Coaching

When operating a corporation or LLC, it's important to follow state and local regulations as well as maintain specific internal paperwork. Failure to maintain regulatory compliance and proper record keeping could have serious consequences, such as the loss of good standing or the piercing of your corporate veil. We offer the ability to work one-on-one with an expert Compliance Coach to ensure that your company remains in good standing.


Changing your business from an LLC to a corporation (or vice versa).

Company Name Changes (Amendments)

We can help you change information listed on your corporation or LLC formation documents. Businesses commonly file amendments to change their name, purpose, address, or initial management.

Corporate & LLC Compliance Kits

Don't be left without the important tools your business needs. Our compliance kit includes a personalized, zipper-bound binder, stock or membership certificates, and a company seal.