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LLC, Business License, Incorporation

California remains one of our most popular states for incorporation and LLC formation. With the largest population in the United States, California has a thriving business community. Some of the largest U.S. companies, including Countrywide Financial and Apple, maintain their headquarters in California. This state also services many small businesses, particularly in major industries like entertainment, agriculture, and technology.

In the state of California, the Secretary of State Business Entities Section will process and maintain records of all business entities including partnerships, sole proprietorships, corporations, limited liability companies and other business filings. When you are ready to incorporate in California, it is necessary to file the Articles of Incorporation that California requires. Starting in 2012, California incorporation processes require that you choose between two subtypes of corporations: a flexible purpose corporation or a benefit corporation when setting up your California corporation.

Cost to Incorporate in California

California incorporation fees are $100 for filing the articles of incorporation with the state plus an additional $15 over-the-counter handling fee. The cost to incorporate in California also involves filing an initial report, called the California statement of information within 90 days of your incorporation, which costs a state fee of $25 or $20 for a non-profit corporation plus a $75 service fee. On an annual basis, the Secretary of State requires that corporations file an annual report by the end of your anniversary month, which also costs $25. If you select The Company Corporation to file your articles of incorporation in the state of California, the statement of information filing and fees can be included in your purchase.

California Incorporation Services

While it is possible to file your own articles of incorporation, many entrepreneurs and new business owners choose to look for comprehensive California incorporation services to help ensure they have completed all of the necessary paperwork and requirements.

The Company Corporation provides a full range of California incorporation services to help you fill out and file your articles of incorporation, your initial report, and research the availability of your chosen company name.

Articles of Incorporation

When incorporating in California, you will need to include articles of incorporation. Articles of Incorporation include the name of the business, the location, the number of stock shares the company is authorized to issue and details about the management team and board of directors. The Company Corporation can help you complete the Articles of Incorporation and file them quickly and inexpensively.

California Incorporation: FAQ

How to Incorporate in California?

There are many steps to starting a business. If you're still wondering how to incorporate in California, here is a brief overview of the steps to incorporating:

  1. Make sure your chosen business name is available under California rules and regulations.
  2. File California articles of incorporation.
  3. Have your organizational meeting and create your company bylaws.
  4. Get your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and open your incorporation's bank account.
  5. Get business licenses from the county and/or city where you will do business.
  6. Submit your initial report, called a Statement of Information, within 90 days.

Why Incorporate in California?

The primary reason business owners decide to incorporate in California is to provide greater protection for their personal assets from business judgments. When you proceed with incorporation in California, your business becomes its own entity and your personal assets are not part of the business.

Incorporation for California Nonprofit Organizations

If you are setting up a nonprofit organization, then you will need to file Articles of Incorporation for a California nonprofit. The exact type of your nonprofit articles of incorporation will depend on the activities your nonprofit organization performs. The Company Corporation can assist you with filing the forms for your nonprofit with the state of California.

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