$75,000 Corporate Compliance Guarantee

incorporate.com guarantees its services against filing defects negligently caused by incorporate.com for the life of your entity. If your filing is found by a court of competent jurisdiction within the United States to be invalid at the time the formation documents were properly filed solely due to the fault of incorporate.com, we will resolve the issue, or we will pay you up to $75,000.

  • This guarantee does not cover any failure by you to abide by our Terms of Service, any situation where there is comparative or contributory negligence by anyone (other than incorporate.com), or any failure by you to meet the business's subsequent requirements after the initial formation documents have been filed.
  • This guarantee does not cover any issues caused by or related to inaccurate or unlawful information provided by you or your agents to incorporate.com.
  • This guarantee only covers instances where the corporation or LLC is declared invalid in its entirety. incorporate.com will not be responsible for any consequential damages.
  • This guarantee will remain in effect so long as:
    • Your corporation or LLC meets all state and federal corporate, regulatory, capitalization, securities and tax requirements
    • You continue to use incorporate.com as registered agent; and
    • Your company's address, phone number, and payment information remain current and updated with incorporate.com.
  • This guarantee does not apply if your corporation or LLC is conducting an illegal activity or has an unlawful purpose.
  • incorporate.com reserves the right to amend this guarantee unilaterally at any time by posting the new terms on its website.

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