Recent Customer Reviews

I have been working with Chris C. to form my LLC and he has been able to make this quite an easy and headache free process. He has been able to expedite the entire process and get me the documents I needed within 24 hours, which was extremely important. I have sent him many emails going through this process and his communication skills have gone above and beyond. Being in the customer service business, I am aware how important it is but unfortunately not everyone is like that. I wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you and also tell you how dealing with Chris C. has made things go exceptionally well. Thanks again.

– 3/1/2017

I just wanted to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. I heard about your site from my mentors at SCORE Boston. They suggested going through you guys to get my LLC for my nutrition private practice. I went to your site and gave my basic info and within minutes received a call from Kelly. She walked me through the WHOLE process and did my application over the phone. She helped me work through the various payment structures and packages and helped me decide which one was best for me. She made the process fun, clear, organized, and took the stress out of it with her upbeat friendly attitude. I look forward to working with Kelly and your company and referring people over! Great job!

– 2/1/2017

I chose because it was a fast and easy way to protect myself and my business. Making the decision to become an LLC was the turning point in the legitimacy and profitability of my company. sends me reminder emails when payments are due so it is easy to remain in good standing with the state.

– 1/27/2017

As a small business I wanted as much protection as possible. Being incorporated protects me and provides an ease of mind. This new entity is like a sturdy home that separates me from my business and adds increased legitimacy for my property management company.

– 1/24/2017

You guys always help me understand everything, also keep me super updated with everything I need to know, to say the least you guys are the best and I really appreciate you.

– 1/17/2017

The staff is on top of all the issues for incorporating and follows up well.

– 1/9/2017

Friendly, quick and courteous assistance.

– 12/29/2016

Excellent, knowledgeable service, prompt, no need for follow up calls.

– 12/21/2016

Very thankful for this company. Makes this part of running my business simpler.

– 12/15/2016

I have been dealing with you for many years and always satisfied and impressed!!

– 11/18/2016

The person who helped me was so amazing – she is the best!! Ellen is her name.

– 11/17/2016

Service exceeded my expectations! I received fast, expert service.

– 11/16/2016

It went smoothly and quickly.

– 11/14/2016

The service and speed to get it all done was absolutely great.

– 11/11/2016

I worked with Derek, and he was very professional, and helpful. I was amazed how easy everything went through.

– 7/15/2016

Fantastic service and responsiveness.

– 7/7/2016

My experience was wonderful and I was surprised when I received a very attractive embosser which I didn't expect. The whole process was very well explained and they handled everything for me. I would definitely recommend without hesitation.

– 6/28/2016

Very satisfied with the service. My husband has used your services in the past and we will definitely recommend to others.

– 6/20/2016

Connie Colosimo made the on-boarding process very pleasant. She's a keeper!

– 6/20/2016

Very helpful, professional, and efficient. Thank you for such great service.

– 6/15/2016

I was showing a lot of professionalism all my questions were answered quite well now I'm doing more business with you as I grow my business thank you.

– 6/9/2016

I absolutely love Ellen C!!!!! She is beyond great. I just incorporated two businesses with her and I have three more coming!!!

– 6/1/2016

From the very beginning, the assistance by Derek has/had been fabulous and excellent. He had helped me through the whole process and had sent all pertinent information A.S.A.P. – for the formation of the LLC, etc., etc. I am going to recommend all my friends and colleagues and future acquaintances to the company.

– 5/26/2016

Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. Quite a positive experience.

– 5/16/2016

Erin of the Customer Service Specialist/Operations team is truly amazing and deserves a leadership promotion. This is the type of customer facing individual most companies dream of having in their workforce. She exemplifies 'above & beyond' as my experience with her was simply that. I was lucky to speak with her while returning a call about additional information that was needed for my application. She listened, advised me appropriately and followed up with me via email and phone to ensure I didn't lose sight of any details. Promote her, if you haven't already done so. She would be the type of leader others can look up to.

– 5/11/2016

Very easy to work with. There was always someone to talk to without going through all kinds of prompts. Timely with all services and very professional.

– 5/4/2016

Just great customer experience with knowledgeable employees. AJ was top notch. Very high ratings!

– 4/27/2016

Excellent service that keeps us up to date on all annual reports and registration filings that are due.

– 4/20/2016

Using your company took all the guessing out of what to do next. Thank you for handling it all.

– 4/19/2016

Superb service!

– 4/14/2016

I have already recommended two of my friends!

– 4/13/2016

Your team helped me through the process with ease and confidence, special thanks to Ellen for answering all the questions I had.

– 4/7/2016