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Setting up your LLC or corporation in California involves choosing a business name and filing a "doing business as," or DBA, in the state. It is important to choose your name carefully, not just for your brand, but to also make sure you meet the California naming rules. This involves doing a California LLC search or a California corporation search on your intended name.

Need help getting your corporation or LLC established in California? incorporate.com would love to work with you. We've got experience helping thousands of companies establish themselves in California, and we'll walk you through each step. Contact us today!

Using a California Corporations Search to Choose Your Corporation Name

When you're ready to form your corporation in California, the first step is to do a California corporation lookup to make sure your chosen name is not already in use. The requested corporation name will be checked against other California corporation names (but not LLCs). A name will not be approved if the California state corporation search reveals another corporation with the same or a very similar name, or if the name is deemed to be misleading to the public.

incorporate.com can do the California corporation search for you quickly and easily. We will send the required Name Availability Inquiry Letter to the Secretary of State to ensure that your company name is available. Once your name has been shown to be available in the State of California corporation search, we can reserve it for you.

For a small fee, incorporate.com can send a Name Reservation Request Form to the state, which will reserve your name for 60 days. However, if you choose to form your entity when speaking with one of our formation specialists, a name reservation is not required. The company name will be yours as soon as the state finalizes the paperwork we submitted on your behalf.

Once the search of California corporations is complete, it will be time to fill out the Articles of Incorporation and other paperwork. The state will do its final review of your corporate name when we file your company's formation paperwork.

Using a California LLC Search to Choose Your LLC Name

Searching for and reserving an LLC name in California is similar to the corporation process. A California LLC search is required, and will compare your requested LLC name against other California LLCs (but not corporations). A name will be approved if the California LLC lookup reveals no other LLCs with the same or closely similar names, and if the name is deemed to not be misleading to the public.

incorporate.com would be happy to help you with the CA LLC search and name reservation process. We will send in the required Name Availability Request Form, and we will then help you reserve it by following up with the Name Reservation Request Form.

Once the California state LLC name search process is complete and your name has been reserved, your name will have its final review at the time that your LLC documents are filed and reviewed by the state.

It important not to order signs, stationary, or make other significant name-based expenditures before the California state corporations search or the California LLC name search is complete. We want to ensure that the full process has been followed so you won't face any unexpected changes.

Contact incorporate.com for help with all of your California LLC search or California corporation name search needs. We've helped thousands of businesses successfully form in California, and we're here to meet your needs. Contact us today!

Ready to Form Your LLC in California?

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