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As you move to form your California LLC or corporation, you'll need to file a variety of forms with various offices and jurisdictions in the state of California. It's important to keep track of all of the requirements – a missed form can have serious financial or business consequences.

If you'd like help with California filing requirements, incorporate.com is here for you. We've helped thousands of companies with Articles of Organization in California, California LLC 12 forms, and much more. Contact us to start today!

California Filing Requirement for Corporations

Forming a corporation in California requires several important forms to be filed with the state.

  1. The first requirement is the Articles of Incorporation. In California the Articles of Incorporation vary depending on the type of company you have – a general stock company, a close company, a non-profit, or a professional company. It's important to choose the correct form when filing.
  2. Secondly, you need to file a Statement of Information within 90 days of forming your corporation. You also will need to file an annual report each year, and submit it with your annual fee.
  3. Once your forms are completed and received by the state, along with applicable fees, your company will receive a California Certificate of Good Standing. This can be used to register in other states where you do business.
  4. Filing annual taxes requires additional forms, such as the California W4 form and California state withholding forms. Business licenses will also require additional forms submitted to the local city or county.

Providing detailed and accurate information is an important part of ensuring your incorporation goes smoothly. Many documents cannot be filed because of name issues, errors, omissions or misstatements contained in the proposed filings submitted to the state.

Making sure your forms are accurate and compete is essential for any corporation. Let incorporate.com do the heavy lifting. We have helped thousands of companies with their California filing requirements and we ensure that all documents are received by the appropriate office in a timely fashion.

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California Filing Requirements for LLCs

Forming an LLC in California also requires several important forms to be filed with the state.

  1. The articles of incorporation for an LLC in California are called the California LLC-1. This document needs to be filed with the state to form your California LLC. Within 90 days of forming your LLC, you will also need to file a Statement of Information giving more details about your company.
  2. Annually, you need to provide the state of California updated information about your LLC. The California LLC 12 and California LLC 12r allow you to do this. You submit this form each year with your annual LLC fees.
  3. Once your state forms are filed and accepted, you will receive a certificate of good standing showing that you have met the requirements to be a recognized LLC in California.
  4. Business licenses will require separate specific forms from the local city or county you plan to do business in. Filing annual tax returns for your company may require separate forms as well, if you do not choose to be taxed as a pass-through entity.

Making sure you fill out forms completely and correctly are essential to the financial and legal wellbeing of your company whether it is a LLC or Corporation. At incorporate.com, we understand the full process in California or other States and will walk you through how to ensure all documents are filed appropriately. We're available to help you today – contact us now to get started!

Ready to Form Your LLC in California?

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