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Once you've decided to form your LLC or corporation in California, you'll need to make sure you have the business licenses California requires, in addition to the subsequent certificates and forms needed to form your business in the state of California. Depending on your business, you may need very few or you may need several. Making sure you have the right California business licenses can be tricky, but incorporate.com is here to help with your business license application and verification to conduct business in the state of California.

General Business License Application in California

All businesses need a general business license in California in order to operate in the state. incorporate.com can search the California business license database to ensure that you apply for and obtain all necessary licenses. Depending on the city where you operate, the general business license may be called a business tax certificate.

Businesses that operate outside of a specific city's limits would need to complete a California business license application on a county basis. If your company operates in multiple cities, you will likely need multiple small business licenses. The business license application form must be completed online, by mail, or in person, depending on the jurisdiction.

The cost of a business license in California varies depending on the jurisdiction that issues it. Some cities use a flat fee, others use gross sales percentage, and some use a combination of the two. incorporate.com will do the research for you to ensure that you are aware of all of the California business license costs and that payments are submitted correctly and on-time. We will also work with you to ensure that your California business license renewal is processed properly each year.

California Business Licenses for Specific Industries

Beyond the normal general business license, some industries also require specific permits or licenses. In addition, some municipalities require specific additional permits. Some examples of additional requirements include health permits, zoning permits, building permits, and alarm permits.

incorporate.com will do the research for you to ensure that you complete and submit all applicable California business license applications. We will notify you of any extra requirements based on what cities and counties you operate in, and help you ensure that you complete all of the required paperwork and pay all necessary fees so that you can confidently operate your company in California.

Getting all of your California business licenses can be a complex process, especially since you may be dealing with multiple jurisdictions and agencies. Fortunately, incorporate.com is ready to make this process much easier by taking care of all of the paperwork and communication for you. With the information you provide, incorporate.com will make sure all necessary California business license applications are completed and all California business license costs are paid. Contact us today to get started!

Ready to Form Your LLC in California?

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