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Delaware: Hospitality Emergency Loan Program

The Delaware Division of Small Business is offering H.E.L.P. to provide funds to some of the businesses and nonprofits in the state most significantly impacted by COVID-19. The division will make no-interest loans of up to $10,000 per business per month available to eligible businesses in the hospitality industry.

Applicants for H.E.L.P. loans must be operating in one of the targeted sectors as identified by the following North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes:

  • 7225 Restaurants and Other Eating Places
  • 7224 Drinking Places (alcoholic beverages)
  • 7223 Special Food Services
  • 7211 Traveler Accommodations
  • 7139 Other Amusement and Recreation
  • 7131 Amusement Parks and Arcades
  • 7121 Museums and Historical Sites
  • 7113 Promoters of Performing Arts
  • 7112 Spectator Sports
  • 7111 Performing Arts Companies
  • 4855 Charter Bus Industry
  • 4879 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Other
  • 4872 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Water
  • 4871 Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Land
  • 3121 Beverage Manufacturing
  • 3118 Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing
  • 8121 Personal Care Services

Additionally, to be eligible, a business has to have been open for at least one year, as well as have annual revenue of $2.5M or less. Funding may be used for rent, utilities, and other unavoidable bills, but cannot be used for personnel costs. Eligible expenses being submitted for funding must have been paid on time for 80% of payments over the last 12 months and cannot be past due on the most current bill. H.E.L.P. loans have a 10-year term with payments deferred for nine months.

Delaware small businesses and non-profits that qualify for H.E.L.P. can apply via the Division of Small Business website here.

Delaware: COVID-19 Emergency Response Initiative for Non-Profits

The COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) targets the evolving needs of the state’s most-impacted communities for the long-term needs of our community.

This fund is part of the broader Delaware COVID-19 Emergency Response initiative—by DCF, the United Way of Delaware (UWDE), Philanthropy Delaware, and the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement—to coordinate with other nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and individuals to ensure a comprehensive response to COVID-19 throughout the state.

Grants from the Strategic Response Fund, housed at the DCF, will be coordinated with grants from UWDE’s Delaware Does More: COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, which focuses on more immediate needs.


The Delaware COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund is structured to help Delaware-serving 501(c)3 organizations address a broad range of community needs. Target applicants are nonprofit organizations with deep roots in the community and a strong track record of serving people who are immediately and disproportionately suffering from the crisis.

The maximum award will be $50,000. During the first two weeks, the focus will be on urgent needs related to COVID-19.

Over time, the vision is to make grants to support more structure and long-term needs in three funding areas related to the effects of COVID-19:

  • Front-Line Grants fund nonprofits encountering increased demand for services due to COVID-19. This includes services to people who are financially vulnerable, homeless, and facing health challenges.
  • Service-Challenged Grants fund nonprofits that need assistance modifying their service delivery models extremely rapidly due to COVID-19.
  • Collateral Damage Grants fund nonprofits facing extreme difficulty because of lost revenue due to closures, cancellations and other challenges related to COVID-19. 

Application information:

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