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With the 9th largest population in the United States, Georgia services both large and small businesses. Georgia's major industries include freight, beverages, and textiles. Regardless of your industry, we can help you take advantage of Georgia's business services.

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If you are wondering whether you should incorporate a business in Georgia, there are several considerations before making a decision. Incorporating your business can protect your personal assets, but the process can be time consuming with a wide range of documents to be filled out and filed along with the proper fees. If you've arrived at the decision that incorporation is the right step for your business, incorporate.com can help make the process as easy and fast as possible.

General Georgia Incorporation and Business Registration Information

Corporations, regardless of size, must follow certain rules and regulations set forth by their state government. These regulations ensure the business is operating as its own entity outside of its owners. This includes the existence of a board of directors, board meetings, and carefully kept records of all business activities.

There are advantages to incorporating in Georgia. These advantages pertain to investors and the corporate management structure. The management structure of a corporation includes officers, directors, and shareholders. Each of these groups has defined roles in a corporate setting. Structuring your business as a corporation allows you to issue stock. The ability to issue stock can help you better attract investors for your business, allowing you to grow and expand at a rate that might not be possible as an unincorporated business.

The first step to incorporating is choosing a business name. Your business name must include such words as "corporation," "company," or "incorporated" or an abbreviated form of those words.

After choosing your name, you must be certain that your chosen business name is not already in use within the state of Georgia. It must not be too similar to any business name already registered. incorporate.com will research whether your chosen business name is already in use and will contact you if you need to select a new name.

Corporate Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation in Georgia

There are several steps that you must go through if you want to incorporate in Georgia. First, you will need to file your company's Articles of Incorporation and corporate bylaws. These Articles will detail the number of shares of stock you will issue, as well as the business name and address. In the state of Georgia, a business's officers are defined in its corporate bylaws.

If you plan on incorporating a nonprofit, Articles of Incorporation are still a requirement. Non-profit Articles of Incorporation are very similar to Articles of Incorporation for corporations being operated for profit; however, you must include whether or not you will have members.

incorporate.com can assist you with crafting Articles of Incorporation or bylaws for your corporation. Based on your information, these Articles may be tailored to your business, simplifying the process.

Additional Steps to Incorporate a Business in Georgia

Georgia is a state that requires corporations and non-profits to publicly publish its newly-formed entity. As a direct result of this state requirement, all Georgia businesses that intend to incorporate must publish their intent to do so in a newspaper that stands as the official legal organ of the county in which the business's primary registered office stands. There are several requirements that the paper must meet to qualify, which involve the size of its readership and the percent of its subscription rate. As part of our incorporation services, incorporate.com will automatically research the correct publication of record and publish this information for Georgia customers.

The steps of a Georgia business registration or incorporation can be complicated. Forms must be completed correctly as well as filed properly and delivered to the right authority. incorporate.com is knowledgeable with regard to deadlines, required forms, and paperwork needed to successfully complete the incorporation process for your business. If you plan to incorporate your business in Georgia, call incorporate.com today and let us do the difficult work for you.

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Small business owners and sole proprietors may find that forming a limited liability company – or LLC – can protect their personal assets from lawsuits against your business. Forming an LLC can also endow your business with an added layer of credibility, as well as provide "pass-through" taxation to members.

Selecting a Business Name for a Georgia LLC

Once you've decided that an LLC designation is the right option for your business, you must select a business name. In accordance with Georgia law, the chosen business name should be eighty characters or less and this name must include one of the following words or abbreviations:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Company
  • LLC
  • LC

This name must not be able to be confused with another existing business entity. incorporate.com has a list of all restricted names and can assist you in this process. In the event your business name has already been chosen, we will contact you in order to select another name.

Georgia LLC Operating Agreement

An operating agreement clearly defines the management and financial structure of an LLC, as well as the relationships with members and the percentage of the business that each member owns. The state of Georgia does not require an LLC operating agreement, but businesses – even those comprised of only one member – are encouraged to complete one. An operating agreement will give your LLC the credibility it needs to stand as a true limited liability company in case it is ever questioned in a court of law.

Georgia LLC Articles of Organization and Additional Requirements

Articles of Organization must also be written and filed with the Georgia Secretary of State Office. These Articles include the names and addresses of all owners or "members" of the LLC. These Articles should be accompanied by Transmittal Form 231, which identifies your LLC's registered agent and location of your company headquarters. Transmittal Information Georgia Limited Liability form should also be included and filed.

Your Georgia LLC registration will also need to meet all requirements of the other tax and regulatory authorities of the state of Georgia. For instance, one of these requirements is that LLCs in the state of Georgia must inform the IRS and state of any new hires.

Once formed, there are additional Georgia LLC filing requirements in the form of an annual registration. This annual filing is required between the following January and April after the Georgia LLC formation.

Georgia LLC Requirements for Foreign LLCs

If you have already formed an LLC in a state besides Georgia and wish to do business within the state of Georgia, you must fill out an application in order to do so.

incorporate.com can assist you with preparing a written operating agreement, Articles of Organization, as well as gathering, completing, and filing the appropriate forms to form a fully-compliant LLC in Georgia. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

When it comes to how to form a LLC in Georgia, the process can seem to be too difficult for a small business owner that simply wants to protect him or herself and his or her assets. Incorporate has taken all the guess work out of the process for you. Our staff has done the research and has the answers to all of your questions.

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Business License

The process of doing the proper research for obtaining a business license can be complicated and intimidating.

incorporate.com has decades of industry expertise in gathering the correct forms, information, and points of contact for obtaining a business license in Georgia. Contact us today and let us provide you with the research and information needed to make your business compliant.

How to get A Business License in Georgia

In the State of Georgia, you will need a business license for operating a business in your city or county, depending on the location of your business within the state. In some Georgia cities, before you can apply for a business license, you will need to obtain a state tax identification number.

Your business license must remain up-to-date and in good standing in order to continue to conduct business in the state of Georgia. Each year, a Georgia business license renewal is required. Depending upon the nature of your business, incorporate.com can help you determine what licensing requirements apply to your business and what requirements are applicable at the state and local levels.

State of Georgia Business License Requirements by Location

Business License in Atlanta, GA

An Atlanta business license is required of all businesses in the city limits of Atlanta, GA. This is also known as a Business Tax Certificate. This is true even if you are simply changing owners. Each location of your business will need its own business license in Georgia.

Business License in Columbus, GA

The first step in receiving a business license in Columbus, GA is obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy and then filing the forms and paying the associated fees. If your business does not have a physical location in Georgia, you will still be required to obtain a business license from the area of the state where the largest percent of your business is conducted.

Business License in Augusta, GA

When applying for a business license in Augusta, GA, you will need to have all business information available. They will want to know information such as your business name, address, gross receipts, and title of the owners. The gross receipts will be used to determine the cost of your small business license. Georgia has several levels of fees.

Business License in Dekalb County, GA

Any person, partnership, corporation or limited liability company, who conduct either directly or indirectly, any business within Unincorporated DeKalb County, GA must secure a business license. This includes operating your business from your home.

Obtaining a business license can cost you a great deal of time because you must research all of the requirements and comply with them. incorporate.com can assist you with gathering the correct information and forms surrounding applicable licenses, tax registration applications, and permits. Give us a call today and speak with one of our experts.

Business License Registration in Georgia

Based on the information you provide, you will receive a complete Business License Compliance package which will help you decide which licenses your business needs, an informational overview of each of these licenses and permits, and detailed instructions and contact information for applying for your business license in the state of Georgia.

incorporate.com can also help you be aware of any application fees associated with your application.

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