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In order to start an LLC in Louisiana, you'll need to follow specific requirements, which includes selecting a name, filing Articles of Organization with the Louisiana Secretary of State, and hiring a registered agent.

Learn Louisiana LLC requirements and each step to take in order to have your LLC up and running!

1. Select a Name for Your Louisiana LLC Formation

When forming an LLC in Louisiana, law requires Limited Liability Companies to select names that will not be confused with the name of any domestic or foreign corporation, limited liability company, or any reserved or trade name registered with the Secretary of State.

Permitted designations: Louisiana LLC names may be followed by several approved designations, including:

  • L.C.
  • L.L.C.
  • LLC
  • Limited Liability Company

Restricted words: The use of certain words in LLC names is "restricted" in Louisiana, meaning special approval by the state is required. These include:

  • Architect
  • Architectural
  • Architecture
  • Bank
  • Banker
  • Banking
  • Building and Loan
  • Casualty
  • Credit Union
  • Electric Cooperative
  • Engineer
  • Home Stead
  • Insurance
  • Redevelopment Corporation
  • Safe Deposit
  • Savings
  • Surveying
  • Surveyor
  • Trust
  • Trustee

If you choose to form your LLC with incorporate.com's help, we'll research your company name to make sure it meets Louisiana's standards.

2. Complete and File Articles of Organization & Initial Report

In order to start an LLC in Louisiana, companies must file Articles of Organization and an Initial Report with Louisiana Secretary of State:

  • Articles of Organization must include the selected LLC name, address, objective, and duration. In order to start an LLC, the files must be notarized.
  • Initial Reports must be filed with the Articles of Organization and include the names and addresses of the LLC's managers and members.

How long does it take to file these documents?

In general, turnaround time for forming an LLC in Louisiana is 7–20 business days. Expedited filings, which require an additional fee, typically take 3-5 business days.

3. Appoint a Registered Agent

Louisiana mandates that every LLC has an agent for service of process. The registered agent functions as a business entity that accepts legal documents on behalf of the LLC. The registered agent can be either an individual or a type of business entity that is authorized to do business within the state of Louisiana.

4. Pay Louisiana LLC Formation Fees

To complete the process of forming an LLC in Louisiana, you will be required to pay the state filing fee for LLC formation.

File Annual Reports

Louisiana LLC laws require that all LLCs file an Annual Report with the secretary of state. This can be filed every year (on or before the day your LLC was registered) online or by mail with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

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Louisiana LLC Formation FAQs

Do I need to submit an operating agreement to form my Louisiana LLC?

An operating agreement does not have to be submitted with your LLC filing; nevertheless, it is a critical governing document and should be created when you form your LLC in Louisiana.

Are managers required when forming an LLC in Louisiana?

Yes, LLCs are required to have one or more managers/members.

What are the requirements for a principal office?

Louisiana requires an LLC's principal office be located inside the state.

Need Help with Forming a Louisiana LLC?

If you decide to form a LLC in Louisiana, incorporate.com will help you each step of the way and handle all of the details. We'll research the availability of your company name and help you prepare and file your Articles of Organization with the Louisiana Secretary of State. We can also take care of many of your company's follow-up items, including registered agent needs and annual report preparation and filing.

Call us at 855.235.3824 or click here to get started on applying for your Louisiana LLC today!

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