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Nevada remains one of our most popular states for incorporation and LLC formation. With only the 35th largest population in the United States, Nevada has a thriving business community. Some of the largest U.S. companies, including Harrah's Entertainment, MGM Mirage, and Las Vegas Sands, maintain their headquarters in Nevada. This state also services many small businesses, particularly in major industries like tourism, mining, and manufacturing.

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If you have decided that the protection of the corporate form is the right move for you and your company, there are myriad reasons and benefits to consider incorporating in Nevada. incorporate.com can help you through the often-complicated process of incorporation.

General Nevada Incorporation Information

Prior to incorporating in Nevada, business owners must have a business license. While most business licenses are city-, county-, or industry-based, Nevada is one of only five U.S. states that require such a license for business owners who intend to incorporate. incorporate.com can help business owners research the process of obtaining a business license. An LLC or Corporation in Nevada is also required to designate a Registered Agent. incorporate.com offers Nevada Registered Agent services to ensure that all official state and paperwork is forwarded to you.

Nevada Articles of Incorporation

Once a business license has been obtained, you will need to create articles of incorporation and corporate bylaws. incorporate.com can assist your business in writing these articles and bylaws, as well as in the process of selecting and registering a unique name for the corporation. In Nevada, if the name of a business is a natural person's name, the state requires that the business's name be followed by an entity indicator such as "Inc.," "LLC," "Limited," "Corporation," or any appropriate designation or its abbreviation.

Nevada Incorporation FAQs

Why Incorporate in Nevada?

Incorporating in the state of Nevada offers business owners significant benefits, such as no corporate income tax, no taxes on corporate shares and no annual franchise tax. Additionally, Nevada corporation law was based on the Delaware model to minimize the time, cost and risks of commercial litigation.

How to Incorporate in Nevada?

incorporate.com can help you through the often-complicated steps of forming a corporation in Nevada.

  • Choosing a Corporation Name – Nevada has certain requirements when it comes to the name of your corporation. When setting up a Nevada corporation, it is important that the general public will not confuse your business name with any name of a currently owned limited liability company, business trust, corporation, or limited partnership. Restricted Designations – Certain words are restricted and cannot be used with your Nevada company formation unless approved by the state. incorporate.com currently holds a list of all restricted names and can help you avoid using any of these words or phrases by doing the research for you.
  • Officers and Directors – The director of your corporation will need to be a minimum of eighteen years old at the time of incorporation. In addition, the address and name of the director will need to appear in the Articles of Incorporation for a Nevada corporation filing. Nevada is one of several U.S. states that require a corporation to have a President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Incorporate in Nevada Online

incorporate.com will assemble the paperwork needed to fill out your Nevada business registration form, and ensure that all is filed on time and in the proper manner. On average, you will receive your filed and accepted Nevada incorporation documents from incorporate.com within 7 to 10 days of placing an order.

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Nevada is home to Las Vegas as well as to some of the world's largest businesses as well as a wide range of mid-size and small businesses. Regardless of your company's size, incorporate.com can help you through the process of forming an LLC in Nevada.

Advantages and Benefits of Forming a Nevada LLC

Forming a Nevada LLC has many benefits for the average business owner. Nevada does not impose a franchise tax on LLCs. and there are no fees on company shares. Additional Nevada LLC advantages include the fact that the state does not require business owners, shareholders, or members to be Nevada residents. Nevada also allows LLCs to have noneconomic members who do not own a portion of the company, but who still have the same voting rights.

One more benefit of forming Nevada LLC is that the state does not impose a personal income tax or franchise tax on limited liability companies in the state.

General Nevada LLC Formation Information

Plans for forming an LLC in Nevada begin with choosing a business name. This name must be different from other business entities in existence. In Nevada, a person cannot use their natural name as the name of their company, unless that name is appended with either "Limited" or "LLC."

Once a name has been selected and registered, LLC members must be appointed. Nevada law requires that LLCs have at least one member or manager and that all members are 18 years of age or older. Member and managers do not have to live in the state of Nevada; however, member names must be listed in the LLC's Articles of Organization.

incorporate.com can assist you in selecting a company name and performing the necessary research to ensure that name is not in use by another company. incorporate.com can help with the writing and filing the new Nevada LLC's articles of Organization.

Additional Nevada LLC Fees, Filings & Forms

After your Nevada LLC has been formed, an additional filing is required on or before the last day of the first month after filing your business's articles of organization. A list of LLC managers and members is due 30 days after an LLC has been formed in Nevada.

The state also calls for LLCs to submit an annual report each year. The fee to file this report in Nevada is $125.

Compare Nevada vs. Delaware LLC

Recently, Nevada has become one of the most popular states where businesses choose to form an LLC. For years, business owners considered Delaware the top choice, but this is changing.. Nevada has been working on duplicating Delaware's business-friendly attitude to encourage business owners to choose Nevada over Delaware.

Delaware has a strong business court system capable of handling complex legal matters. For this reason, Delaware is an attractive option for larger business entities, fast-growing companies, or start-up companies with potential for fast growth. However, if your LLC has little likelihood of fostering any complex legal issues in the future, then a Nevada LLC may be a good choice.

Both Nevada and Delaware allow for "series LLCs," a unique designation that allows companies to further divide and protect a variety of assets without having to form additional entities. A series LLC allows for multiple members or business lines to be grouped under a common banner. Additionally, a series LLC structure can provide businesses with reduced costs on filing fees, protection of assets, and multiple business purposes collected under a common business name.

If you've decided that a Nevada LLC registration and designation best fits your business needs, call incorporate.com to help you through the process of forming your new Nevada LLC. We can assist you with the required paperwork and filing in a timely manner.

Business License

Before you can legally open your business in Nevada, you will need a Nevada state business license. Whereas most licenses are county, city, or industry-based, Nevada is one of the few U.S. states that require a state-issued business license to incorporate, on top of any local or municipal business licenses that may be required.

Nevada Business Registration Information

Obtaining a business license in Nevada also requires an understanding of the state's tax registration requirements and any necessary permits. The type of license, permit – if any – and tax registration will depend on the type of business you plan to operate. incorporate.com can research this information for you. Our experts stay current on regulatory changes that may affect your business.

Nevada Business License Application Fee

In order to obtain a business license in Nevada, the state requires $200 at the time of application. The license must be renewed each year with an annual fee. Failure to submit this annual fee by the required due date will result in a $100 penalty on top of the past-due annual fee.

The Location of Your Business in NV

The location of your business in the state of Nevada may dictate different licensing needs.

Las Vegas Business License in Nevada State

For example, you may believe that you need a Las Vegas business license, but many Las Vegas mailing addresses actually fall within the Clark County jurisdiction.

incorporate.com can aid your research as to which jurisdictions apply to your business before you apply for your Nevada business license.

Reno Business License in Nevada State

Businesses in Reno, NV require an inspection in order to obtain a business license. This process will include dealing with the building department, the fire department, and possibly environmental control. The city collects a fee at the time your business license application is processed and an additional fee for the inspection process.

Nevada Business License Exemptions

Certain businesses, such as nonprofits and corporations sole, do not have to acquire a Nevada business license. However, certain other types of businesses may not need to obtain a Nevada state business license, but must still fill out the application (without accompanying fees) with information as to why they may be exempt.

To learn more about these exemptions and if your business is eligible, contact incorporate.com.

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