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There are several LLC forms needed when you are first starting your LLC. This type of business is regulated by state statues, not federal law. Thus, each state will have its own LLC formation documents that it requires. Fortunately, we at can help you through each step.

Articles of Organization

The first step to the LLC application form is filling out an Articles of Organization form. This is a legal document that is filed with the state in which you are forming. There are many names for this form – Certificate of Organization or Certificate of Formation, for instance. Every state has its own form that must be completed in order to create an LLC. Some states may also have a Limited Liability Company Application to fill out. will use the information that you provide to us to complete the form correctly for the state that you select. We have a presence in all 50 states and the District of Columbia so that we always have the correct forms.

Operating Agreement

One of the most important LLC forms when starting up is the operating agreement. This form allows you to set up the business and financial arrangements between you and your partners. You establish everyone's percentage of ownership, his or her share of profits and losses, everyone's rights and responsibilities, management details, and what happens if one or more partners leave the business.

Many states don't require an operating agreement to be filed with them, but the agreement is frequently requested by lenders, investors, and attorneys. It's a very important document to have to make sure that everyone's interests in the business are detailed and protected. Without this important LLC formation document, a single-member LLC may be treated as a sole proprietorship in court, and a multi-member LLC may face difficult management or financial arguments and misunderstandings.

Business Licenses and Permits

Depending on what type of business you are forming, you will need a variety of business licenses to operate in your state. You may need a general business license, tax registrations, health permits, zoning or land-use permits, and state-issued occupational licenses. Getting everything in order can be overwhelming. Fortunately, can make it easy to obtain all of these documents for your business. We can research your Business License requirements and provide you with a detailed report based on the information that you provide us about your business.

Statement of Information Form

As part of LLC formation documents, some states require a Statement of Information form to be filed with the state along with your Articles of Organization. California calls this form LLC-12 or form LLC-12r. This form is a simple statement of your company name, who the partners are, and what the business address is. can also file this form on your behalf when we file a California LLC.

Tax Forms

LLC tax form 1065 is the form that is used to file a tax return on partnership income. This form is filed along with your other income tax documents. Partnerships and LLCs do not pay separate taxes, but pass through all profits and losses to the partners.We can help you get your LLC tax return form 1065 today!

Tax form 1099 is a form that other companies may issue to your LLC if they did business with you and paid you over $600. This form would be part of you and your partners' income tax filing.

An LLC tax extension form, such as Form 7004, is used to file for more time to fill out your LLC taxes. This would give you five months extra for your partnership to finish their tax documents. In a single-member LLC, you wouldn't need to file a LLC tax extension in addition to a personal extension. In a partnership, however, separate forms for a business extension and personal extension are needed. In addition, make sure your partners are filing extensions too – it doesn't work out well when you extend but your partner files!

Tax form 8832 is a form that an LLC would use if your partnership decides to elect a different tax standard. One of the great benefits of an LLC is that your group can choose to be taxed as a corporation, partnership, or disregarded entity.

You can find more information about all of these tax forms on the IRS website. At, we cannot give specific tax or legal advice, but we can help you obtain the forms you need.

The great news is that most documents needed for the formation of an LLC are available on the Secretary of State's website for that state. For instance, here's the comprehensive list for Delaware.

For more details on individual forms, please look below.

Articles of Organization

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest LLC application forms to find. Many states have a fill-in-the-blank PDF form that you can print, fill out, and then send in. You can easily find the form by searching 'Articles of Organization State', with 'State' being the state in which you are forming. For example, here's a link to the form for Delaware.

Operating Agreement

We here at can act as LLC application experts to provide you with a tailored operating agreement. We simply need basic information about the company's owners, management, and purpose. With that material, we can create a custom document for your company that will be sent to you by email. You can then print it and keep in it your company's records. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any legal advice as you draft your operating agreement – you should consult an attorney if legal questions arise.

Business Licenses and Permits

While each of the licenses and permits you need are available from individual state agencies, can make this process much easier. We offer a Business License Compliance Package for only $99. Click here to learn more!

Tax Forms

Tax forms and instructions are available on the IRS site. We highly recommend reading all relevant information very carefully as you file your LLC and personal taxes. It may be helpful to have an accountant prepare your tax returns once you start an LLC.

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