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Business owners occasionally need to get copies of their most important state-filed documents, such as Articles of Incorporation and amendments.

Certified Copies are state-issued, exact copies of your original business documents. They're often accompanied by a title page bearing an official seal or the Secretary of State's signature, lending them additional proof of authenticity.

Maybe you've lost the original copy of your document or it's been damaged. Maybe you just want to have a duplicate to keep with your internal company records.

Having Certified Copies of your business documents on hand is also a crucial part of completing many business transactions.

Certified Copies of business documents may be requested by:

  • state governments, if you've applied for foreign qualification in those states
  • lenders, when you're trying to obtain financing
  • banks, in order to open a business checking account
  • potential business partners or investors

Along with their Articles of Incorporation, business owners typically need Certified Copies of:

  • Certificates of Formation
  • Certificates of Authority (evidence of foreign qualification)
  • Corporate dissolution or liquidation forms
  • DBA/fictitious name filings

incorporate.com can help.

incorporate.com can help you purchase Certified Copies of your business documents filed in any state or the District of Columbia. Simply provide us with some basic information about your company, tell us what company documents you need Certified Copies of, and we'll place your order and have the documents shipped directly to you. Along with a service fee, individual state fees may apply.

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Certified Copy FAQs

What is a certified copy?

A copy of a document on file with the state (such as Articles of Incorporation/Organization) that is certified by the state as being a true and correct copy. Most states attach a cover page bearing the state seal or the signature of the Secretary of State to a copy of the articles or certificate of formation.

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What are some examples of documents I can get a certified copy of?

  • Formation Document - ex. Articles of Incorporation
  • Name Change Amendment
  • Annual Report
  • Certificate of Authority
  • And anything else filed with the Secretary of State
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What would I need a certified copy of business documents for?

Certified copies of documents are often requested by banks, lenders, potential business partners or investors and other state governments, if you want to register your company to do business in additional states. Also, companies often need certified copies of documents to replace lost or damaged documents.

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What is the difference between a Certified Copy and a Certificate of Good Standing?

A Certificate of Good Standing reflects the status of a company as of a particular date. A certified copy is a copy of a document that is already on file with the state (such as Articles of Incorporation) that the state certifies as true and correct.

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How can incorporate.com help me?

We have offices in each state. We can pull copies of any document filed with the Secretary of State for you and save you the hassle of having to work directly with the state.

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