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incorporate.com offers a convenient tool to help you to maintain records for your corporation or limited liability company (LLC).

Our Corporate Compliance Kit gives you the ideal storage place for all your important business documents. Banks, lenders, accountants, and lawyers often request the documents stored in this kit, so we have provided sections for each, making it easy to organize and retrieve them all.

By ordering the Corporate Compliance Kit, you will have room for all your important company records, including:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Meeting minutes
  • Stock certificates
  • Stock transfer ledgers
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Written consents
  • Federal/state documents
  • Business licenses

Your Corporate Compliance Kit is customized with the name of your business. What's more, it comes with your very own company seal, emblazoned with your company's name, the state of incorporation and date of formation. Use this device to emboss and validate your important company papers.

The tools you need to succeed

Each Corporate Compliance Kit includes:

  • A zipper-bound binder personalized with your company name
  • Blank stock certificates for corporations and blank membership certificates for limited liability companies (LLCs) as well as detailed instructions for the contents of each tabbed section
  • A company seal to emboss your documents with your business name and the state and date of your company's formation

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Get more details about the Corporate Compliance Kit in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Corporate/LLC Kit FAQs

What is a Corporate Kit?

A Corporate Kit is typically a 3-ring binder with tabs where you will store all of your most important organizational documents. Storing your documents in the right area of this binder will allow you to easily refer to documents and present them to necessary parties.

This Corporate Kit may also be referred to as a Corporate Records Book for a corporation or an LLC Records Binder for an LLC.

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What are the benefits of having a Corporate Kit?

The Corporate Kit provides a place to store all of your important company records. Over time, you will refer to these documents again and again and be able to easily present them to appropriate parties when requested. Furthermore, the corporate seal will make your documents look more professional to associates and customers in your day to day activities.

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What is a Corporate Seal?

A corporate seal is a handheld stamp. It is used by a Corporation or LLC to emboss documents with your company' name, state and year of incorporation. This seal also gives your documents a more professional appearance.

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Why do I need a Corporate Seal?

Having a corporate seal is not required, but along with giving a professional appearance, the seal is often used to stamp documents to signify that they are official company documents.

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Why a Corporate Kit is Important?

Anyone that forms a corporation, LLC, or other business entity needs to be able to quickly locate key organizational documents. You will refer to the key organizational documents for your corporation or LLC again and again throughout the life of your business.

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