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Need to change your business from an LLC to a corporation (or vice versa)?

There are many reasons to change your entity type:

  • No longer need to issue stock
  • Seeking venture capital
  • Take advantage of specific tax benefits
  • Different management requirements for your company

Whatever the reason, incorporate.com can help you with the conversion process for $225 plus mandatory state fees.

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To learn more about entity conversions, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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To order a conversion filing, simply:

  • Provide us with basic information about your company and payment information.
  • We'll research the registration costs and provide the appropriate paperwork and fee breakdown.
  • You'll complete, sign, and return the paperwork to us for submission to the state.
  • Once the state approves your filing, we’ll send you the official evidence.

Call us at 855-236-4043 to get started.

Entity Conversion FAQs

What is a conversion?

A conversion is a formal filing with the Secretary of State to change an entity's legal status.

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What are examples of conversions?

  • Changing from an LLC to a Corporation
  • Changing from a Corporation to an LLC
  • Changing from a Limited Partnership to a Corporation
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Does my state allow conversion filings?

This varies by state. Please contact us so we can research your exact situation.

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How can incorporate.com help me?

We will work with the Secretary of State so you don't need to. We have been in business since 1899 and our team has experience filing conversions for companies of all sizes. We will research your filing and identify what it will cost. In addition, we will help you complete the necessary documents and get them to you for signature (if necessary). Once you return them to us, we will file the conversion with the Secretary of State.

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