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Maintain your good standing the easy way.

Pay Your Delaware Taxes the Easy Way

Delaware corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) must pay annual franchise taxes to the state. Businesses incorporated in Delaware must also file an annual report. incorporate.com offers an annual service to help you meet these requirements and keep your company in good standing.

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Interested in Annual Service?

If you're tired of having to research your filing requirements, fill out forms, write checks and track deadlines, incorporate.com has a solution. For an annual fee of just $150, we'll monitor your company's upcoming due dates and help you prepare and file your annual report(s).

Sign up for our annual service today and you can:

  • Stop worrying about whether you've filed on time (and in the right format).
  • Reduce the risk of missed filings and loss of good standing.
  • Avoid paying fees, fines, and interest due to late or missed filings.

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Learn More about Delaware E-Filing

Find out more about Delaware E-filing in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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When is my annual report due?

Corporations must file annual reports and pay franchise taxes on or before March 1.

LLCs must pay franchise taxes on or before June 1.

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I don't understand why I have to pay franchise taxes. My company is not a franchise.

The State of Delaware just uses the term "franchise tax" to refer to taxes for the privilege of being formed or incorporated in the state of Delaware. Every corporation and LLC has to pay them.

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My company isn't doing business, so why do I have to pay?

Regardless of whether they are actively doing business, all corporations and LLCs have to file reports and pay franchise taxes. If you don't plan to use your company at all in the future, we can help you to dissolve it with the State.

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Why didn't I get a green form in the mail like I used to?

The State of Delaware no longer mails hard copy annual reports. Instead, Registered Agents forward a notification letter in December. We also send a follow up letter and two e-mails.

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I don't want to file my report online, I want to mail it in. How do I do that?

You can't. Delaware requires that all reports be filed electronically.

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Can you send me an annual report to file by mail?

No. We can no longer print annual reports, and the state does not issue them. You must file them online, and we can help you.

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I don't want to list my officers and directors on my report. Can I list you instead?

No. Corporations must list all directors and at least one officer on their annual report, to comply with Delaware laws.

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Your site says I have a past-due balance. Why?

We pull the tax due amount directly from the State of Delaware's records. If you didn't file your report or paid your taxes late last year, our site will reflect the additional fees required by the state.

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