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Whenever your business makes fundamental changes to its records, you must notify the Secretary of State by filing what are known as Articles of Amendment (for corporations) and Certificate of Amendment (for LLCs).State laws require businesses to file an amendment with the Secretary of State any time the specifics of their Articles of Incorporation (for corporations) or Articles of Organization or Certificate of Formation (for LLCs), or Certificate of Authority (for businesses that are 'qualified') change.

These can include changes to:

  • Your business name
  • Your listed directors or members
  • The number of stock certificates your company issues
  • The par value of your company stock
  • Your business's purpose

By having your Articles of Amendment filed with the state, you're able to confirm that:

  • The company's representatives, including directors, members and shareholders, have consented to the change
  • The changes you've made meet the legal requirements of your state of formation

incorporate.com can help.

incorporate.com can file amendments to your Articles of Amendment in every state and the District of Columbia.

Simply tell us the amendment you'd like to file and we'll tell you the cost and filing procedure. We'll then provide you with the appropriate paperwork and fee breakdown. Once you've completed, signed, and returned the paperwork to us, we'll submit it to the state for approval. As soon as the state approves your application, we'll send you official evidence of the approval.

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Amendment FAQs

What is an amendment?

An amendment is a formal filing with the Secretary of State to make changes to a previously filed document.

What are examples of documents that may be amended?

Any document that was previously filed with the Secretary of State (or equivalent office)

  • The Articles of Incorporation/Organization (initial formation documents)
  • Annual Reports
  • Previously filed amendments
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Why would I file an amendment?

State laws require businesses to notify the Secretary of State when their Articles of Incorporation/Organization change.

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What information can be amended?

The most popular amendment is to change the name of a company. In addition to this, the filing of Articles of Amendment can change the following information, if it is listed on the original formation document:

  • Business address
  • Names and/or addresses of directors and members
  • Business purpose
  • Number of authorized shares
  • Registered Agent name and address
  • Other information included in the Articles of Incorporation
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How can incorporate.com help?

We will deal with the Secretary of State so you don't need to. We have been in business since 1899 and our team has experience filing amendments for companies of all shapes and sizes. We will research your filing and identify what it will cost. In addition, we will prepare the documents and get them to you for signature (if necessary). Once you return them to us, we will file the amendment with the Secretary of State.

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