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Nevada Registered Agent Services

An LLC or Corporation in Nevada is required to have a Nevada Registered Agent. There are several types of Registered Agents in Nevada. Regardless of the type chosen, the Registered Agent will be required to fulfill legal and statutory requirements on behalf of your company. Failure to have an appropriate Registered Agent can lead to legal and financial consequences for your LLC or Corporation.

Understanding Registered Agents in Nevada

Registered Agents in Nevada have to meet specific state requirements and follow certain processes in order to be in good standing with the state. They also protect your company by making sure that all service of process from the state is made known to your Corporation or Nevada LLC. A Registered Agent who does not follow these processes can expose your firm to the loss of Corporate or LLC standing in Nevada, as well as additional fines.


The requirements for a Nevada Registered Agent vary depending on which of the following three categories you fall under:

  • A Commercial Registered Agent is a Registered Agent in Nevada that represents more than 10 companies with the state. The Commercial Registered Agent must provide the name and contact information of a natural person who is a manager, owner, officer, or otherwise has decision-making authority in the day to day operations of the Agent. The Commercial Registered Agent will receive monthly electronic notifications of all entities due for that filing period, and will have access to electronic lists that can be forwarded to clients.
  • A Non-Commercial Registered Agent in Nevada is an Agent who represents less than 10 entities on file with the state. This type of Agent must provide a physical address where Processes of Service may be served for their represented companies.
  • An Individual with title of office or other position in an entity may represent the company as Registered Agent. This means that a company's President, Office Manager, Owner, Controller, or other position may serve as that company's Registered Agent.

Many Corporations and LLCs in Nevada don't give much thought to what Registered Agent to use, because they don't expect to be involved in any legal action. However, it's important to keep in mind that the state of Nevada's service of process can include a variety of communication:

  • Subpoenas for records
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Official State correspondence and other business requests

Choosing a Nevada Registered Agent

Some companies will be tempted to simply designate an officer or position within the company as the Registered Agent. However, there are some pitfalls to not having a professional Nevada Registered Agent. The first concern is reliability. There are many forms, fees, and filings that must be made in order to maintain your Corporation or LLC. A Registered Agent in Nevada will help you make sure that you reliably receive all of your state paperwork so you never fall behind or fail to meet a deadline. If you choose to receive your own paperwork and the forms are lost in the shuffle of your daily corporate mail, you may not find out you are out of compliance until it's too late.

The second concern is timeliness. Even if paperwork doesn't get lost or accidently thrown away, it may not be noticed and returned in a timely manner if the mail comes to your company's staff. Important mail that is received with the other correspondence and advertising that comes to your business office is easy to overlook. Missing the deadline on a subpoena, garnishment, or legal request can cause serious issues for your company.

As a result of these issues, many companies choose to use a professional Registered Agent in Nevada, such as incorporate.com. With incorporate.com as your Nevada Registered Agent, you will never have to worry about paperwork being missed or sent to you late. We will make sure all of your service of process is sent to you discreetly, promptly, and affordably.

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