Stock certificates are official documents issued by a company to its shareholders that provide evidence of how much of an ownership stake they have in the corporation. Limited liability companies (LLCs)have a similar document, called a membership certificate, which they issue to their members.

In general, both documents include the following information:

  • Name of the corporation or LLC
  • State where it was formed
  • Number of units issued
  • Recipient's name

Stock & membership certificates serve as an important record for corporate ledgers and registers. They also help increase company reputability by providing owners with a piece of official documentation representing their ownership stake in the business.

Customized Stock or Membership Certificates can create customized stock or membership certificates on behalf of your business, bearing the name of your company as well as specific information about par value and shares or membership units. By working with us, you’ll save time, avoid confusion, and create a consistency of appearance across your corporate documents.

Details about Stock & Membership Certificates

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Stock and Membership Certificates FAQs

What are Stock and Membership Certificates?

Stock certificates are used to issue shares of stock within a corporation. Shares of stock are used by a corporation to show ownership. The par value and number of shares authorized for issuance by the corporation is often stated in the Articles of Incorporation or bylaws.

A membership certificate is used as a formality by an LLC to show that someone has an ownership interest in an LLC. The founding owners of the LLC will designate how many membership units the LLC will issue. A number of these units are then given to LLC members through the issuance of the membership certificate to show percentage of ownership.

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What type of information is included on these certificates?

The information usually included on a stock certificate is the name of the corporation, state of incorporation, number of shares issued with the certificate, and the name of the individual to whom the shares are being issued.

The information usually included on a membership certificate is the name of the LLC, state of formation, the number of units being issued, and the name of the individual to whom the units are being issued.

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Why should I use Stock ∓ Membership Certificates?

Stock and Membership certificates are often used to show ownership in a corporation or LLC. They also increase the professionalism of your company by providing owners with a piece of documentation representing their ownership stake in the business.

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Are Stock and Membership Certificates required?

It is a requirement to maintain ownership records of a corporation or LLC through the use of a ledgers, registers, or certificates.

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What is the difference between a Stock Certificate and a Membership Certificate?

A stock certificate is used by corporations, while membership certificates are used by LLCs.

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Are's Stock and Membership Certificates customized for my business?

Yes. customizes your certificates with the name of your company, as well as specific information about the par value, shares, or membership units for your company.

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How much does it cost to purchase Stock or Membership Certificates from

The minimum purchase if 20 certificates and you receive discounts for ordering in a larger quantity. You can also purchase additional certificates for $0.50 each.

  • $30 for 20 certificates
  • $45 for 50 certificates
  • $75 for 100 certificates
  • $145 for 250 certificates
  • $270 for 500 certificates
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