The Power of Three.

These simple three letters…LLC or INC can:

  1. 1. Protect your assets
  2. 2. Create tax benefits
  3. 3. and much more…

Let's get to it.

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The Perfect First Step. A great way to start out, protect your personal assets, and potentially grow if you aren't interested in offering stock.

C Corporation

Hello, Wall Street. In addition to personal asset protection, the C Corporation structure creates unlimited growth potential by allowing for the issue of any class of stock to any number of investors.

S Corporation

One Big Perk. Lots of Strings. This structure allows your company to become exempt from federal income taxes, but at the cost of additional rules and limitations.


You Know Who You Are. When you're in business to do good, a nonprofit offers rock-solid personal asset protection, tax benefits, and more.

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