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Register in Additional States

Foreign Qualification – register your corporation or LLC in other states

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In order to do business legally in states other than your home state (the state where your company was formed or incorporated), you'll need to register (also referred to as qualifying) your company in those states. If your business has offices, employees or advertises in states outside of your company's home state, chances are you'll need to qualify your company in that state. Your company becomes qualified by obtaining something often called a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State.

The Company Corporation can help

The Company Corporation can provide you with guidelines to help you understand whether you need to qualify your business. We'll also help you prepare and file the necessary paperwork to obtain your Certificate of Authority.

It's important to understand that by doing business in other states, you may be required to meet other compliance obligations, including the need for business licenses, business permits and tax registrations in those states. The Company Corporation can help you fulfill these and other compliance obligations in all the states where you'd like to transact business.

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To get more details about qualifications be sure to view our "Doing Business in more than one State: Are YOU Qualified?" webinar or visit our frequently asked questions section.

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