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Trademark Searches

Clear your brand names and logos with our fast, reliable service.

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You've come up with a great brand name and company logo. Can you be sure they're not taken?

By using The Company Corporation's trademark search service, you'll eliminate the legal risks of using a trademark that's owned by someone else. You'll also save yourself the time and expense of applying for a trademark your company can't use.

Our trademark search service scours federal, state, and common law records to uncover potential conflicts with your intended business or brand name. What's more, our service is fast - you'll get results back in approximately three business days.

Choose the trademark search that's best for you.

We offer three packages to meet your needs and price-point:

  • Exact Match Service: We search federal records to determine whether another business has already registered your company name as a trade or service mark. We'll deliver your customized report by email.
  • All Source Exact Match Service: We search federal, state, and common law databases and use state-of-the-art web-crawling technology to pinpoint exact online references from billions of web pages. We report any references that pose a clear threat to your company's proposed trade or service mark in a customized report, delivered to you via email.
  • Full Search Service: This search includes all services mentioned above, plus any confusingly similar marks in all of the classes relevant to your product or service.

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For details on our trademark search service, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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