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The Self Directed 401(k)
Thursday, May 7, 2015 – 12:00pm ET

Join The Company Corporation and a representative from Provident Trust to learn more about options to create a Self-Directed 401k, also known as a Solo 401k plan.

Discussion will include:

  • How a Self-Directed 401(k) differs from a Traditional 401(k)
  • Benefits like investing in alternative assets, contribution limits, or loan options
  • The difference between Self-Directed 401(k) and Self-Directed 401(k) LLC
  • What you can invest in with your solo(k) plan
  • Why use Provident and The Company Corporation

Archived Recordings

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How to Really Start Your Own Business

In this recording, experts from SCORE share starting success secrets, including focusing your business idea and where to look for small business financing.
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How to Pick a Great Domain Name

In this recording, Mike McLaughlin, Domains Senior Vice President & General Manager from GoDaddy, demonstrate how to give your business a unique and memorable address online.
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Plan for Success in 2014

In this recording, you'll learn a "lean planning" approach to starting or growing your business and learn how to trim the fat of traditional planning methods.
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Overview of Constant Contact Email Marketing

In this recording, our friends at Constant Contact provide an overview of the email marketing channel.
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Strategies for Raising Growth Capital in Volatile Markets

During this recording, Mr. Sherman discusses strategies and techniques that small and mid-sized business owners can employ while seeking capital to grow their businesses, particularly in the current volatile and uncertain capital markets.
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Using Social Media To Drive Results for Your Business

In this recording, Social Media Consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Ashley T. Caldwell – CEO of The Modern Connection, shares her secrets for social media success.
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The Small Business Owners' Guide to Maximizing Tax Deductions

There are some amazing tax deductions available to small business owners, but they often go vastly unused. (Even if you have a good accountant!)
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Annual State Filings: A guide for small business owners

Listen to our complimentary Annual Reports web seminar where we will cover the "do it yourself" and full service offerings available for businesses of any shape and size.
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Company Conversations: Advice from Brandon Steiner, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire and Author of You Gotta Have Balls

In this recording of Company Conversations, originally presented on December 11th, we spoke with Brandon Steiner, author and sports entrepreneur extraordinaire.
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Be Your Best Publicist

Publicity can be a powerful business driver. Our special guest, author and CEO of Grow Your Business Network, Nancy Michaels, discusses the tips and tricks of serving as your own publicist.
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Growing Smart: Strategies for Sustainable Success

In this session, "Growing Smart: Strategies for Sustainable Success", Susan will share the importance of thinking big and bold in order to unlock the barriers to success for your business.
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Pinterest: A How-To for Small Business Owners

Everyone is talking about Pinterest! Are you on it? Have you heard of it? Chances are, your customers have! And they may be on there pinning your company or recommending your competitors.
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Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins in a Socially Connected World

Applying themes from her new book, Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins in a Socially Connected World, Goodman will explain why Engagement Marketing helps small organizations generate more positive referrals.
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Your Best Just Got Better

It takes more than just time management to be more productive; especially if you are an overworked small business owner. There are specific tactics you can use to get more of the right things done.
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Never Pay For Advertising Again!

You don't need to be a professional author or English scholar to write a book. You just have to be you – an expert at exactly what you do, and willing to share your industry knowledge and expertise.
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How to Stay in Compliance

As a small business owner, the risks of falling out of compliance cannot be ignored. You could risk losing your business, hefty fines and fees, or even jail time. But how can you find time to keep track of compliance regulations and due dates as well?
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Startup Smart: Beating the Odds

You've likely heard the grim statistic that over half of all small businesses fail within the first three years. But do you have what it takes to beat the odds? It's important to take time to do some brutally honest self-reflection.
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How Joinable Are You?

In this program, Scott Ginsberg (aka: Scott the Nametag Guy), will use case studies from his Strategic Planning Crusades to teach you how to make your brand more joinable, more approachable, more human and more engaging.
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